Working with Estelle has been really great for me.  She has helped me to put aside some of the issues at work that were holding me back in managing the business, and to focus on what really matters; she has taught me a good number of new skills too.  With her help I have been able to push forwards with my team, much more effectively than before.


Michael Jackson, Director of High Court Enforcement at Marston Group



I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the Personal Development Course – I know that we all really enjoyed and benefitted from it.


I have done many courses over the years which have covered similar topics, however they have never been delivered so well or had such an impact on me: you gave so much of yourself in the training and your passion for developing others really shone through. Module 2 was like a lightbulb moment for me and you have really made me reflect. I will continue to make changes and decisions to be kinder to myself, which in turn, I hope others will benefit from. I will take my learning on board and will continue to practice and develop those skills in my work and personal life.


Ang Bloomfield, HR Manager, AV Danzer



‘Thank you’ barely seems adequate. I feel the sessions with you have been truly transformational. I now finally feel equipped to embrace my role and all that goes with it, without getting myself entrenched in issues which don’t belong with me and to care only where it really matters to me. I have wasted too much time immersed in concerns which don’t play to my purpose but then I needed to make the journey to identify what was holding me back. I feel I am now more at peace with myself which certainly helps me respond to challenges more objectively and to take things so much less personally.

I really looked forward to our sessions and always felt so much clearer and more empowered every time I drove away; finally the switch went on and I genuinely feel I can fulfil my leadership role so much more effectively. You are truly very talented at what you do.


Susan Mabbott, Partner, Browne Jacobson LLP



The training and one to one mentoring sessions you gave us clearly helped, both through the practice runs and dress rehearsals we did in the lead up, and on the day. While I have been told on more than one occasion I generally have a “glass half empty” as opposed to a ” glass half full” outlook on such matter, I genuinely do not believe the presentation and the following Q&A session could have gone any better. Anyway thank you again for your support it really paid dividends on the day.


Chris Flint, Director, G F Tomlinson Building Ltd.



RE: Personal Effectiveness Programme

I just wanted to say a quick thank you. As I think I mentioned in our sessions, I’m from Bosnia and moved over to England as a refugee and as a result of the war.


Over the weekend a memorial service was being held in London, something I’d usually just not go to unless I was with a group of people I knew. Not only did I sign up to attend, I actually volunteered to speak and do a reading in front of approximately 100 people I didn’t know. As a result, I’ve also been asked by a BBC radio presenter if I’m happy to be interviewed by him!


Not going to lie – I was bricking it a bit(!) but overall I was a lot more confident than I ever have been before. Also people in and around the office have told me that they think I’ve developed a lot over the past year or so, so thank you


Selma Kuduzovic, Marketing Manager, Smith Cooper Ltd



RE: Personal Effectiveness Programme

Just emailing to say thanks once again. I got a lot more out of it than I thought, I’ve also never seen the partners so overwhelmed by what we produced on Wednesday.

I will definitely recommend you if anyone asks me when I’m out networking.


Lee Frost, Director of Audit Accounts Tax, Smith Cooper Ltd



With Estelle’s excellent work we definitely noticed a real transformation.


Neil Hogbin, Partner, Fisher German LLP



You can have the best product or service in the world but if the fundamentals of a successful business are not put in place, it won’t be long before sales start to drop and staff start to leave. That is where Estelle comes in, to put in the simple terms, Estelle is the expert at creating a successful businesses.


From my 12 month programme with her, my business has been through a complete transformation and thanks to her knowledge and expertise in building a solid foundation with a clear plan for the future my staff are more motivated than they have ever been, we have opened three new branches and more importantly our turnover compared to the previous 12 months has almost doubled.

From appraisals and HR to marketing and scouting out opportunities, Estelle has helped us to create and implement a solid game plan that will see us continue to improve our service and our profits and all with a very down to earth attitude that made working with her an absolute pleasure.


Benjamin Brain – Managing Director at Hannells



I worked with Estelle when I was finding it difficult to achieve the correct work-life balance and manage the associated stress caused by juggling work and family life.

I found Estelle to be empathetic, insightful and resourceful.


She was able to help me to identify causes and triggers and unravel past influences, using a variety of different techniques.


She then suggested different coping strategies, which together with exercises helped me to perceive things more clearly. I am now much more relaxed at work – I believe that I am performing more effectively and am enjoying my job so much more. The impact of work on my home life is also drastically reduced and I feel I have more time for my family.


Section Manager, Toyota UK



Estelle Read has supported Toyota UK in developing our Section Manager population through 1-2-1 Coaching over the last year or so. Estelle was willing to invest her time in learning the Toyota way of Coaching and then integrated her own unique skills and approach to support our Section Managers.


In my experience she is both thorough and builds excellent rapport with her clients.


Joe McGrath – Master Coach – Management Coaching and Development Senior Manager, Toyota UK



Well, the alarm clock went off this morning and I wasn’t even tempted to hit the snooze button! In fact the thought never crossed my mind! Before coming on the course I had a real interest in NLP and the time spent with you and the others on the course has only increased that interest. Thanks once again for all your knowledge and excitement on the subject, it was great to meet you.


Claire Allsopp – Accounts Director at Troy Business Services



I first met Estelle when she was presenting at a Business Link event. She made such a positive impression, that I decided to try one of her “taster” events. This in turn, led to me appointing Estelle as my Business Coach. I had just taken over as Managing Director at a Company which was struggling to survive, due to a variety of issues, and I felt I needed some help and coaching to try and help me through.


A year and a half later, we’ve just had our last session, and boy, what a roller coaster ride it’s been. Our planned sessions changed as the business and personal situation changed, and through it all, Estelle kept me in a positive frame of mind, thinking about my next move and making sure that a clear strategy was in place. When I needed nudging, she nudged me, when I needed advice I got clear and practical advice, and her personality reminded me that doing business should be done with a sense of humour and a smile on your face.


I am now running a profitable business, which has changed significantly for the better. I have plans and a strategy in place for the future, and even in todays uncertain climate, the future is bright for me and my team. This has been done with Estelle’s help and guidance and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who needs a coach, mentor or guide for their business or themselves.


Paul Ritchie – Managing Director, Foremost Security Ltd



Estelle first worked with us in May 2007 when we ran a Vision and Values project, which involved 52 of our Site Managers. She successfully helped us to identify six Values and we achieved our objective of increasing workforce flexibility and diminishing arrogance.


Since then Estelle has run many courses including: Confidence in Speaking, Assertiveness, Presentation Skills, Communication and Influencing Skills and various Personal Development Programmes. All the courses have successfully obtained their objectives and have increased the skills of the recipients.


Estelle has a special way of involving her trainees. Within a very short time of opening discussions she can judge their character. She then soon has the enthusiasm of all the participants, making them subconsciously contribute towards the solutions. Because she has involved them so successfully, the message stays with them.

She continues to be an integral part of our Personal Development Programme.


B.E. Sewards – Chairman, GF Tomlinson



Estelle perfectly combines friendliness and approachability with a no nonsense approach to business coaching. Through her exercises and thought provoking questions she focused our attention on the areas of our business that worked well and made us re-evaluate the areas that didn’t  the end result being a more streamline and profitable business.


Toby Stubbs & Ben Stubbs – Directors, Heart of the Country



I have worked with Estelle now for over five years, during which time she has helped to develop the leadership skills of our management team, delivering a series of inspirational and practical learning events ranging from High Impact Presentation Skills to Managing Effective Relationships.  Estelle really is our ‘go to’ person for soft skills training and she has developed a number bespoke interventions for us over the years, which have always delivered the goods and have centred around her signature coaching approach.  The results are always thoroughly enjoyable, packed with practical tools and good humour and delivered by Estelle in her own unique, energetic and enthusiastic style.  I defy anyone to spend time on one of Estelle’s events and not feel energised afterwards.


Andrew Elliott – Head of Human Resources | Police Mutual



Estelle’s business coaching has been invaluable for me.  At a time when my work had become very challenging and stressful, Estelle helped me to put everything into perspective.  Estelle motivated me to become a strong and resilient leader in order to achieve what is expected of me.  Her training, support and coaching has given me the confidence and skills to do this for myself by having faith in my own abilities, becoming focused on a strategic approach and being driven by getting things done and achieving the desired results. I have no hesitation in recommending Estelle for business coaching, which for me has been a completely life changing experience, which really has enhanced my approach to both business and life in general by embracing emotional intelligence.


Neil R Jinks FICM FACP – Head of High Court Client Services, Marston Group Limited



I was interested in an NLP style of coaching, as I had seen it used very successfully in other areas, from leadership to coaching. Estelle uses NLP as one of the techniques.

From the first proper session I was impressed with Estelle and her tenacity. You get out of coaching what you put into it and so I didn’t expect to sit in the chair and be ‘cured’ without any effort on my part.

I had ten sessions with Estelle over a period of about a year and I got something out of all of them.


I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better following my coaching sessions with Estelle. On reflection though, it has been some of the simplest of changes that has brought about the largest increases in self-understanding and perspective change – and Estelle was able to bring these out.


Director – NHS Hospital Foundation Trust, Cheshire.



You have coached several assistant solicitors at Else over a period of 6 years or so. In particular your coaching methods focus on both individual goals to suit the person being coached and you align these to the person’s responsibilities and goals as an employee.


Of particular importance is the need to make sure that employees produce results in terms of work winning, converting time spent with clients and contacts into fees and client satisfaction. There are notable examples of staff being coached and finding processes which when put into action produce results. 2 solicitors are a good case in point. Coincidentally fees for one associate partner were relatively low but after a 6 month coaching process with you her fees increased from a £4-£6k per month to £12 – £14k per month. These results require commitments and effort from the coachee but the results have time and again justified the investment.


Chris Else – Partner, Else Solicitors LLP

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