How Coaching Works:


We offer a Free Discovery Session, so that you can get to know our coaches. Once you have established a fit, we work through the following process, which is flexible according to your needs:


Step 1, (Optional):
Complete relevant Psychometric Test(s)


Step 2:
Meet to establish your Coaching Goals. This will form the agenda for our sessions together and will give us a measure of your progress.


Step 3:
Meet for 2 hours monthly thereafter, for between 10 – 12 sessions.


Step 4:
If appropriate, Conduct Quarterly Reviews with the Sponsor, (the person overseeing the coaching process within your organisation).


Step 5:
Review your Goals


Step 6:
Meet for Maintenance Sessions as appropriate.



What Is The Coaching Experience Like?


Our Coaches will:

  • Help you to translate thoughts and ideas into action
  • Resolve inner conflict or limiting beliefs; our coaches are trained to use all sorts of powerful change techniques
  • Use practical business tools
  • Give you non-judgemental space to be listened to; act as a sounding board
  • Ask lots of questions and sometimes play devil’s advocate
  • Hold you to account
  • Depending on the Coaching Agenda, we sometimes change hats provide pragmatic advice, because sometimes people just don’t have the answer!


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