Business Coaching

Who is Business Coaching For?


If you find that you:


  • Are too busy fire fighting to think about planning
  • Are unclear about where your business is heading
  • Have performance issues within your business
  • Are new to your role or business
  • Have lost your business mojo…
    …then this service could be for you.


Business Coaching can enable you to:


  • Identify how your business is performing
  • Reflect on what is and isn’t working
  • Identify a Vision, Strategy or Plan to point your business in a new direction
  • Reinvigorate your enthusiasm for your business



Case Study:


A newly appointed Head of Department was responsible for generating personal fees of £12k per month. Her existing fee income was £5k a month, so she needed a plan!


The first thing we did was identify a Vision for her department. Where did she want to be in 5 years time? Once her Vision was formed, we then identified Goals and a 12 Month Plan. For her it was simple things like re-establishing contact with lapsed clients and then arranging events to attract new business. She worked like a trooper, systematically calling and visiting people. After 6 sessions she was generating a monthly fee income of £15k a month.


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