Executive Coaching

Who Is Executive Coaching For?


As they say, it can be lonely at the top:


  • How do you make time to assess your strategy….and then make changes if things aren’t working?
  • How do you deal with people challenges within your team?
  • Who focuses you on attaining the results you want?
  • Who do you kick your inner most thoughts and ideas around with…in confidence?
  • Who takes care of your personal development?
  • Who do you get frank and honest feedback from?
  • How do you de-stress or get a confidence boost when you need one?


These are just some of the things we can help with through Executive Coaching.



Case Study:


Having conducted a series of workshops for an Acting Chief Executive Officer and her team, I noticed that she lacked confidence in certain situations. She was newly appointed to the role and had worked her way up through the ranks, so decided to invest in some Coaching support, as she had ‘never been trained for a leadership role’.


Her business was going through massive change, which involved many people and service adjustments and there wasn’t anyone she could formulise her strategy in confidence with.


During the organisational changes, there were times when she lacked self-belief and there were lots of political relationships she needed to manage.


The final outcome was that she gained promotion to the permanent role of CEO, but also changed the organisational status, winning the tender for her desired services.


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