Team Coaching

Who Is Team Coaching For?


Team Coaching can be a great way of:


  • Developing a leadership team…or any group of individuals that have to work together
  • Challenging and reflecting back the dynamics of a group; breaking down barriers
  • Working collectively with a common aim in mind, e.g. improving business performance
  • Fostering more open and honest communication; individuals are coached on the spot as behaviours arise
  • Raising self and group awareness


Case Study


Working with a team of very innovative Directors, the challenge was to get them to concentrate on the less interesting aspects of their business, for example, which products were most profitable and how they could increase their margins.


They were really passionate about their product range and very loyal to certain lines, but were also unclear about their specific roles within the business. This gave off mixed messages to staff and made it more difficult to handle willful team members.


However, having analysed how the business was performing and reflected on their leadership behaviour, they were able to streamline their roles, thereby increasing their authority with staff; but also grow revenue by focusing their activities on their most profitable product range.


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