What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?


In a nutshell NLP is about using your mind, (primarily your unconscious mind), physiology and language so that you get better results and reduce things like:


  • Low self esteem, confidence and lack of belief in yourself
  • Unhelpful states of mind:
    • Anxiety, stress, depression, panic, sadness, anger, irritability, fear etc.
  • The inability to build rapport and communicate with different ‘types’; poor or difficult relationships with:
    • Family, friends, work colleagues or clients – this can be the difference between winning and losing business
  • Limiting behaviours or habits:
    • Nail biting, overeating…overdoing anything!



How Does NLP Work?


Most of the time we don’t consciously think about how we do things or how we get the results we are getting. For example, when was the last time you consciously decided to get stressed out or feel unconfident during a meeting? Generally, things like this happen as a result of our ‘auto pilot’ or our Unconscious Mind.


What NLP Practitioners do is unpack the way in which we are getting a negative result (see above) and then apply techniques, which access the unconscious mind and help to change the ‘programme’ of the auto pilot, in order to get a more positive result. Examples include:


  • Self-belief to do something you’d not dared to do in the past
  • A more consistent level of happiness, wellbeing or calmness…or any other positive state of mind!
  • The ability to deal with and get on with people who in the past you had found ‘difficult’
  • The skill to project confidence when you need it
  • To quickly create new positive habits or behaviour such as refusing biscuits or being able to pick up the phone to make that sales call


At Beee we believe that everyone has the scope and potential to be brilliant…’stuff’, i.e. limiting beliefs or negative states of mind just get in the way. NLP and coaching enable you to be your very best possible self.


Below I demonstrate a NLP Technique called The New Behaviour Generator which can help you enhance performance, reduce stress or increase confidence:



I’m Interested, So What Next?


There are a number ways in which you can experience NLP:


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  2. Arrange an in-house Introduction to NLP Course
  3. Book a series of NLP Coaching sessions with us. Find out more about coaching.
  4. Become an NLP Practitioner by arranging any of the following in-house courses:
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