Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire

In a study of 12,000 managers and executives, it was found that 80% of star performers’ competencies were related to Emotional Intelligence.
Boyatzis, Weatherford School of Management.


What is emotional intelligence (EI)?


Simply put, EI is about a persons ability to manage their own emotions and to understand the emotions of others. Under the Thomas trait EI assessment, EI is measured against the following factors:


  • Adaptability
  • Self-motivation
  • Wellbeing: Optimism, Happiness, Self Esteem
  • Self-control: Emotion regulation, Impulse control, Stress management
  • Emotionality: Empathy, Emotion Perception, Emotion Expression, Relationships
  • Sociability: Emotion management, Assertiveness, Social Awareness


So why is EI important?


Think about the traits your ‘ideal’ employee might have: ‘highly motivated, able to adapt to change, positive outlook, maintains good relations with clients and fellow team members, can manage numerous projects, (without getting stressed!!) etc.’….sounds like a job advert doesn’t it?! Well, this is how EI translates in the work place and can be the difference between your top performing employees and your less than average performing people.


Can EI change?


Yes! EI tends to stabilise at around age 30, however, can change as a result of a significant life-changing even, or through training, coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) interventions, (see The Enabling Excellence Programme).


What we offer:


We work with groups and individuals by using the Thomas International on-line EI Assessment tool, followed by a feedback meeting and a combination of training, coaching and NLP. You can purchase as much or as little of our service as you like; this is the total process:

  • Complete EI assessment on-line (20 – 25 minutes)
  • Meet to:
    • Feedback results and discuss report (1 hour)
    • Identify a development plan based on the results (1 hour)
  • One-to-one coaching for 6 – 12 months to complete the development plan
  • Group EI training workshops


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