Manager as Coach

Course Benefits:


  • Increase discretionary effort from staff
  • Reduce your burden of responsibility as a manager
  • Improve employee accountability
  • Better motivate your team
  • Grow and develop your people
  • Improve relations
  • Increase staff retention
  • Conduct formal and informal coaching sessions


Course Content:


  • Understanding what coaching is / is not
  • Impact of management behaviour on employee performance
  • Creating an effective environment for coaching by building rapport
  • Suspending ego and being non-judgemental in order to gain trust so that your coachee opens up
  • Allowing the coachee to be heard and giving them time to think by listening
  • Asking searching questions to increase employee responsibility, ownership and awareness
  • Enabling the coachee to move on and achieve change by challenging the block
  • Coaching tools and questioning frameworks


This course can be delivered either on a one-to-one basis or in-house. For more information or to book:

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