Course Benefits:


  • Use powerful language that will switch your prospects on
  • Get on with prospects who you wouldn’t naturally connect with
  • Sell based on a person’s‘thinking type’ in order to increase your chances of success
  • Increase sales by using a positive, resourceful state of mind
  • Sort out any pre-sales nerves; get rid of your inner critic / horror movie
  • Open up more opportunities by avoiding the ‘one size fits all’
  • Understand how to interpret what is not being said and then modify your approach



Course Content:


  • Selling basics:
    • Rapport: matching, mirroring, pacing and leading
  • Calibration:
    • Learn to read unconscious ‘tells’
    • Interpret eye patterns
  • The impact of language:
    • Understand how your language unconsciously influences your prospect
    • How to use your prospect’s language
  • The 3 different types of ‘thinker’
    • Be clear about the ‘type’ of person you are selling to
    • Identify the best sales strategy for that ‘type’
  • State management:
    • Taming the inner critic
    • Anchoring positive resourceful states of mind, which you can fire during sales interactions
    • Positive mental rehearsal: getting rid of any horror movies and replacing them with your desired outcome
  • Using a consultancy based approach:
    • Really listening
    • Finding out what’s important to your customers and then tailoring your strategy


This course can be delivered either on a one-to-one basis or in-house. For more information or to book:

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