The Enabling Excellence Programme

Transform yourself. Transform your organisation.


Our aims of this programme are to give you the very highest standards of training in Coaching and NLP; 21st century tools that will bring out your natural brilliance and enable excellence in others. Additionally, for you to establish a personal or business agenda for change (a Vision), so that during the course you can apply the techniques to a specific context. Our experience has taught us that the most skilled NLP Practitioners also study coaching too, which is why we have combined both disciplines on this course.


Course Content:


Module 1 [ 2 days, Vision & Values: Establishing Your Agenda For Change ]


Identifying your agenda for change:


  • Change requires leadership; leadership starts within – know yourself
  • How to achieve change through vision and values
  • The impact of vision and values on employee engagement
  • How values influence behaviour
  • The keys to successful organisational change
  • Why most change initiatives fail
  • Developing a vision
  • The importance of congruent leadership behaviour
  • Delivering congruent leadership behaviour through coaching


Module 2 [ 3 days, Introduction to Coaching to Deliver Change ]


Establishing a personal / business strategy through coaching


  • Improving personal and employee performance through coaching
  • What coaching is / is not
  • The impact of different communication styles on performance
  • Building a coaching relationship
  • Listening out for what is not being said
  • Using coaching models and processes
  • Personal values and beliefs
  • Coaching programmes and intake sessions
  • Cultivating a coaching culture (optional)
  • Coaching ethics
  • Establishing your strategy for change
  • Setting up a coaching business (optional)


Module 3 [ 8 days Advanced Coaching: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certificate ]


Building deep rapport to influence:


  • Honing your sensory acuity skills to notice unconscious behaviour at a deeper level
  • Using your body to get into rapport to positively influence
  • Using rapport to pace then lead people out of negative states of mind
  • Using language to build rapport


Increase your brain power by understanding how you represent your “world”:


  • Appreciate how we create our “reality”
  • The power of the unconscious mind
  • The psycho-physical connection
  • Understand Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic representational systems
  • Change the way unhelpful memories and thoughts are encoded in your mind
  • Interpret eye patterns to get an insight into how another person thinks


Mastering language and communication to generate change and open up new perspectives


  • Using conscious and unconscious language patterns:
    • The Meta Model: specific language to uncover deletions, distortions and generalisations in order to create new possibilities
    • The Milton Model: ambiguous language to positively influence the unconscious mind to stimulate change
  • Listening to and identifying language patterns so that you can ask change generative questions.
  • Open up new possibilities through story telling and metaphor


Creating change in yourself and others:


  • Dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Setting well formed outcomes (goals) in your personal / business life
  • Using Timeline to create goals and bring forward resources
  • The Swish Pattern to change unwanted habits or behaviours
  • Perceptual Positions and reframing to gain new perspectives
  • Resolve internal conflict through Parts Integration


Cultivating states of excellence:


  • Anchoring: a process to generate positive states of mind
  • Chaining anchors in order to produce change in yourself and others, for example to move from procrastination to motivation
  • Exonerating yourself and others of bad feelings through collapsing negative anchors


Improving performance by eliciting and changing ineffective behaviour:


  • Understanding the difference that makes the difference between an average performer and a brilliant performer
  • Changing less than perfect internal strategies
  • Modelling excellent performers



Why choose us?


Our ‘all in’ price includes:


  • NLP certification
  • Pre-course study pack, DVD ’s and training materials
  • Many learn coaching and NLP as two separate disciplines which results in duplication of learning; by attending our course which combines both subjects.


Get outstanding quality training:


  • Our NLP trainer has been trained and certified by the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder and so you could say we run the course as close to the original NLP recipe as possible!
  • Use of rigorous assessment, regular feedback and close supervision ensure that you’ll be amongst some of the best trained NLP Practitioners in the country.
  • Our groups are small, so you get one-to-one support when you need it.


Who Should Attend?


  • Directors
  • Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Those wishing to establish themselves as a coach
  • Those either at a cross road in their life or wishing to develop themselves personally


This course can be delivered in-house. For more information:

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