The Leading For Excellence Programme

It can be challenging being a leader whether you’re new to your role or a seasoned player. Does any of the following sound familiar?


  • Working harder for lower returns
  • Having to deal with underperforming or disengaged employees
  • An over reliance on you as a leader to make decisions and solve problems because of a lack of initiative and innovation from staff
  • Not having time to plan to enhance business performance
  • Feeling bored or unenthusiastic (if your role or business is well established) and wondering where to take things next
  • An incoherent team pulling in different directions
  • Too busy working in the business to work on it


Our comprehensive programme enables you to deal with these challenges.


Module 1: [ Understanding Yourself ]


Delegates complete the following on-line questionnaires:



Delegates will then receive:


  • A three hour one-to-one feedback meeting, including identification of development needs
  • Three written reports


Module 2: [ Understanding Leadership ]


This is a highly interactive three day course which involves the practical application of the knowledge gained during the workshop and will include:


  • Exploration of theories and models of leadership
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader through understanding self and building on insights gained in Module 1:
  • Application of Emotional Intelligence
  • DISC: learning to deal with different personality types
  • Personal Values:
    • How they are formed
    • How to elicit them
  • Authentic Leadership: adaptive styles; understanding when to modify behaviour


Leader as Coach:


  • Coaching origins
  • What coaching is / is not
  • The role of Leader as Coach
  • Coaching models; using a process to motivate, engage and increase accountability in team members


The purpose and role of a leader:


  • Visioning:
    • Understanding the components of a great Vision
    • Defining a vision for your business or department
  • Organisational Values:
    • What they are and the impact on culture
    • Establishing appropriate business values to deliver the Vision
  • Transforming organisations; leading change:
    • What stops successful organisational change
    • Kotter’s 8 Stage Process


Delivering Results; eliciting a strategy


  • Identifying Strategic Goals to deliver the Vision
  • Establishing Milestones and Tasks to deliver the Strategic Goals


Module 3: [ Acting As Leader To Deliver Excellence ]


  • This involves 2 hour monthly one-to-one coaching sessions for 10 – 12 months and will entail:
  • Analysis of key statistics whatever you are driving to improve, e.g. turnover, profit etc.
  • Developing a strategy to deliver the vision established in Module 2
  • Your leadership role in this context
  • Driving the strategy and vision
  • Reviewing key statistics and outcomes
  • Interim meeting support via telephone and email


We are continually modifying and updating our learning material, therefore the programme content is subject to change.


This course can be delivered in-house. For more information:

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