The Personal Effectiveness Programme

Course Benefits:


Our Personal Effectiveness Programme is targeted at middle-management / up and coming talent and is designed to enhance employee performance by:


  • Reducing stress and getting them to take responsibility for their wellbeing, because too much stress slows down productivity.
  • Enhancing confidence and self-esteem so that they dare to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do in the workplace, that will advance their career.
  • Improving their emotional intelligence so that they better influence their own state of mind, but also the states of those they work with, resulting in much more harmonious relations.
  • Making them more efficient by being better organised and focussed on the most important aspects of their role.
  • Getting them to assert themselves at work, so that they don’t get drawn into unnecessary tasks and are able to delegate.
  • Challenging them to think more commercially about their role and to identify opportunities for business development.
  • Teaching them how to present their ideas / products / services in an interesting and commanding way.
  • Holding them to account each month to a series of challenges and actions so that they apply the learning to the workplace.


We provide specific feedback on actions taken following each session. This can be useful for highlighting your future ‘stars’.


This is a flexible programme which can be tailored to your organisation’s needs; if you want to include or exclude a module that’s not a problem! It can also be combined with any of our psychometric tests or one-to-one coaching.




*There is the option to get participants to complete an Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, so that they have a measure of what to focus on during the programme. The Questionnaire evaluates: Relationships, (useful for the Networking module), Self Esteem, (useful for the Confidence Module), Stress Management, Assertiveness and Motivation.


This course is suited to in-house delivery. For more information or to book:

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